3 Amazing Websites to Learn How to Code

Coding is the secret sauce to the success of so many teen freelancers. It opens the door to building a great blog, rocking your graphic design, and of course working in web development.

But learning to code is pretty tough. I don’t use code for this website yet, but I did code part of a robot this spring using Java—it was tricky. Luckily, there are some awesome resources out there to get you over the coding learning curve. Here are five of the best.



This is the crème de la crème when it comes to coding sites. It also has one of the biggest followings; over 25 million people use Codecademy.

The site is home to dozens of courses that teach 15 different coding languages, everything from HTML to Ruby on Rails. You can also start off with their “Make a Website” course that leads you through creating your first pages online.


Khan Academy

Khan Academy is the site that I have personally used to learn coding (and pretty much everything else). They offer lessons in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and SQL, the essential building blocks of creating a website.

My favorite thing about Khan Academy is how interactive it is. When you’re working through lessons, you don’t just sit and watch a video about code—you have to work through the problems yourself and create projects along the way. You can also skip around to the next modules even if you haven’t completed all the ones before, which greatly speeds up the process. Khan Academy also has a section where users can upload their graphic design, gaming, and software projects for peer review.



Out of all the options on this list, Code.org is definitely the most fun. Their flagship program, Hour of Code, lets users learn the basics of a certain language in just one hour. It’s like Minute Rice, but 60 times longer and 60 times more useful. Khan Academy also features these Hour of Code classes, which leads me to believe that the two sites are connected.

Aside from Hour of Code, this site is set up in a gamified format where learners can choose “projects” based on their age, experience level, and interests. You can practice your coding by building a Star Wars galaxy, writing melodies for a piano, or creating “color-by-pixel” art projects. If the thought of coding scares you, this is a great place to start. And if the thought of coding excites you, this site has tons of resources to keep you going.


As more and more platforms go digital, coding will become an essential skill. Don’t be like me, capable of coding a robot but helplessly reliant on WordPress for my blog functionality. Instead, take matters into your own hands and learn how to code with one of these three amazing sites. I know I will.


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