10 Successful Teen Entrepreneurs Have Some Killer Advice for You

I posted a survey in the Young Entrepreneurs Facebook group and asked thousands of successful teen entrepreneurs to give their best advice to those who are just starting out. These tycoons are all between the ages of 13 and 19, but many have owned their company for three or more years! They work in a variety of fields, from consulting and writing to social media and marketing.

Out of all the answers I received, here are the top 10 best pieces of advice for beginners. You might be surprised.

Top 10 Pieces of Advice from Teen Entrepreneurs

1. Confidence is key.

2. There are a lot of ups and downs in life or in being an entrepreneur, but if it’s something that you love to do, then stick with it. In the end when you’re looking back at your life, you’ll know it was worth it.

3. Don’t give up, keep going and know your end goal.

4. Be proactive and search out opportunities. Never let something happen to you–you have to happen.

5. Stay true to your idea.

6. Learn to execute ideas in your field of interest to develop a fulfilled life. Don’t wait for opportunities, but instead create your own. Entrepreneurship is a great way to start.

7. P/PC Theory: Learn, implement, review, repeat.

8. Get out and do it!!

9. Just have an awesome portfolio.

10. Fake it til you make it. You never want to sell yourself short; instead, take pride in both your accomplishments and your potential.



The Big Takeaway

Notice how many people mentioned getting out there and doing it. This seems obvious, but it’s something that a lot of people actually forget to do! You’ll create a profile on a site but never come back to it. Or, you’ll start to learn how to code but never finish your course.

This “start but don’t finish” mentality is a disease that’s plagued me for years, but I’ve developed the ability to overcome it. If you also struggle to “get out there and do” or “get out there and finish”, keep on working hard. Once you stick with a project, it becomes a habit. And once you have a habit, you create an entirely new lifestyle.


The Extra Takeaway

Just FYI, these responses are all from real teens who own real businesses. Every day, they all go to school, eat horrendous cafeteria food, and deal with annoying people–just like you do. Case in point, successful teens do exist and you can become one. Following these ten insightful tips is a great way to start.


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