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My name is Sydney Sauer, and I’m fired up about giving teens financial independence.

No, seriously. The summer after my freshman year of high school, I took up a job as a smoothie maker at a local cafe. The hours were long, the pay was low, and I was not excited to get up and go to work in the morning. So in February of 2017, I started my own career path as a freelance writer online. Not only am I making almost three times as much money per hour, but I absolutely love what I do.

I believe that every teen can have my success if they know where to start. There are online jobs for every talent, from website design to creative writing. The resources on this site fall into two categories. First, information for teens. I’m dedicated to writing practical, actionable articles that will help you find work and break into your niche. And secondly, information for parents. It’s important that you understand what your teen is doing and how to best support them.

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<3, Sydney Sauer


P.S. – Do you own a nail salon, car wash, Mexican restaurant, or company of any sort? Contact me about a simple, inexpensive strategy that will boost your online presence and snag some more customers.


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Throughout my time as an internet-dweller, I’ve gotten the opportunity to do some cool guest posts, interviews, and editorials. Here are a few of my favorite clips!