Hey, Parents of Gifted Teens! You’ll Love These 3 Facebook Groups

Being a parent is hard. At least, it looks hard. But if you’re the parent of a gifted teenager, people don’t always understand just how hard it is; to a lot of people, “gifted” is synonymous with “easy”. But as you know, that’s not necessarily the case.

Being a successful parent takes a strong community of people who understand exactly what you’re going through and can help you through the tough moments. Here are some places where you can find that community as a parent of a gifted teenager.  Continue reading

Three Easy Ways to Verify That an Online Employer Isn’t a Scam

“Hello! We’re Company X. We will pay your teen money to do work online, as long as they give us their Social Security number, address and PayPal account.”

This message is very sketchy, and I would run far, far away from “Company X”. But often times, it’s hard for parents to differentiate between Company X and a legitimate business. After all, real businesses also need a lot of personal information that you don’t want your kid giving out to just anybody. If your teenager has come to you and asked to work for a specific company online, here are three easy ways to determine if it’s safe to give them permission. Continue reading