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It’s hard to be the parent of an ambitious teen.

Chances are, your kid really likes to start projects. They probably do it quite a bit, so this whole “online job” thing just seems like another phase.

I’m here to convince you that freelancing can be the greatest, most mature quest that your teen will ever embark on, and it’s your job to support them. For parents, Adult(ish) means the opposite of childish. Through their work, your teen will learn how to act more like an adult and meet professional standards.

I became a freelance writer in February of 2017 and since then, I’ve gained valuable skills in writing, communication, customer service, and personal finance. I’ve learned how to make smart decisions about investing my money and my time, and I’ve created work at the adult caliber. Plus, I have a few thousand dollars in my college savings account that weren’t there before.

If you want to help your teen succeed or you just need more information about their job, take a look at the resources below. I created them just for you!


Blog Posts

Take a look at the posts tagged “For Parents” by clicking the category in the side bar. They have actionable advice about how to support your teen and better understand their job.


Other Resources

Once you’ve finished browsing this site, take a look at some of the blogs and articles that I find most helpful for parents.

  • All About Self Employment – The “Teen Finance” section of this blog has some great teen career advice, mainly tailored towards parents.
  • Davidson Gifted: Tips for Parents – Lots of motivated, talented teens are also considered academically gifted. Though this article is dense, it answers a lot of great questions about how to care for a gifted teenager and nurture both their intellectual and their social needs.


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